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Another Silly YouTube video

So I seem to be posting a lot lately and not putting up any reviews but someone showed me this video yesterday and it was just too cool not to share. The Brontë sisters are so awesome here it makes me feel pretty bad for not liking Wuthering Heights. Charlotte and Anne’s novels are still on my ‘to read’ list though, so hopefully I’ll have more luck with them.

Anyone else really wanting one of these dolls? So much cooler than Barbie!


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Not a Review

So I hoped to have Gulliver’s Travels finished and my review up by now but life, as it is wont to do, decided to get in the way of my ability to curl up with a book. Or, to be more accurate, I’m a rubbish person who leaves all my uni work to the last minute so instead of curling up with a nice book and a mug of hot chocolate I end up frantically pulling a late-nighter, flicking through pages of academic books and history journals, double checking facts, and wishing I liked the taste of caffeine (the guy who does the ‘health MOTs’ at the gym will hate it but I am totally putting down ‘develop a liking for coffee’ onto my list of new years resolutions).

Anyways I’m not really posting to update you all on the very dull happenings in my life, and after I said my updates would be sporadic I’m not posting to apologise for that either. Mainly I just want to share a very awesome book related youtube video I found the other day.

Disclaimer: I had nothing to do with the making of this, I just think it’s incredible

Oh and if anyone cares I think I did ok with the uni presentation and since public speaking is a totally nerve-wracking experience for me I went and rewarded myself with a trip to the bookshop. First new years resolution of buying no more books until I finish those I already have well and truly broken. Let’s hope I manage to stick to my ‘start liking coffee’ one.

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