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Top 5: Jane Austen adaptations

TV and film companies love Austen. Maybe it’s the enduring appeal of the novels, maybe it’s the huge in-built audience of Austen fans that’ll guarantee success, maybe they just like the clothing, or maybe they’re just too damn lazy to find and utilise less known novels. Who knows? Either way, it means that the market place is flooded with films, tv series, plays, webisodes – period versions, modern-day versions, Bollywood versions, time travelling versions, versions with zombies… (and that’s just for one book!) basically pretty much any ‘twist’ you can think of.

Well before I read any Austen for myself I had seen TV and film adaptations of most of her books, some good some…not so good. Here are just 5 of my favourites – and yes, they are mostly (but not all) period versions, maybe later I’ll put together a list of my favourite modern-day versions but for today it’ my all time favourites and these are simply the ones I love the most. Continue reading



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Northanger Abbey, Jane Austen

Northanger Abbey, Jane Austen Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

First Published: 1818 (posthumously)
Pages: 301 including afterword (Hardback)
Form: Novel

Rating:5/5 = I loved it5/5 = I loved it5/5 = I loved it5/5 = I loved it5/5 = I loved it

Northanger Abbey is the story of Catherine Morland, an enthusiastic but na├»ve girl intent on becoming a heroine like the one she has read about in popular novels. Searching for romance and adventures worthy of her favourite works of fiction, she becomes ever more entangled in an authentic world of manipulation, greed, and disloyalty. This is one of Jane Austen’s earliest and most varied works. It contains fascinating insights into her life as both a reader and a writer, and is as imaginative and entertaining as the Gothic novels it sets out to lampoon.

Probably my favourite Austen. A re-read for an online book group, but a book I’ve been meaning to reread for a while anyway. It’s the least polished of Austen’s novels – the pacing feels a bit off in the second half and the ending feels quite rushed – so I was originally going to give it either four or four and half stars to reflect that, but actually, flawed as it is, I can’t help absolutely adoring it.

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