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Top 5: Book to TV Adaptations

So I was a bit busy at the end of April to get a ‘Top 5’ post up…better late than never though. From now on I’ll make more of an effort to get them pre-written in time to go up on first sunday of each month.

This month, to belatedly celebrate the return of Game of Thrones, it’s book to TV adaptations. Now there is a lot of great TV adapted from books, so I am rather limiting myself in only picking 5 –  especially as there are lots that I haven’t seen and I’m ignoring series I have seen but are based on books I haven’t read (thus disqualifying The Jewel in the Crown, North and South, Daniel Deronda, Little Dorrit and a whole host of other really wonderful stuff).

I’m certain there is plenty of stuff that’s objectively far better quality than some of my picks here but these are all TV series that hold a special place in my heart that I could (and in some cases do) watch again and again. So judge away, argue with my choices and, please, do recommend others – but don’t expect me to change my mind on any of these.

So here it goes – Louise’s list of top 5 TV adaptations (from newest to oldest) Continue reading


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Top 5 – children’s books that had the biggest impact on little-me

New monthly feature!

So I’ve not posted for a while and I probably won’t have my next review up for a while either (due to uniwork I’ve not even picked it up in a week despite absolutely loving it so far). So partly because I don’t want to abandon this blog for too long and partly because I think it looks like a fun idea, I’m going to take a leaf out other bloggers books and start a monthly ‘Top 5’. As always do feel free to comment, disagree with me, share your own choices, and recommend me subjects to use for future posts.

This week, top 5 children’s books that had the biggest impact on little-me (In the order that I read them) Continue reading


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