About the Blog

Not that I expect anybody but me to read this but hello and welcome to anyone who is!

I’m Louise, and in this blog I’ll be attempting to review each and every book I read this year. I don’t claim that I’ll be any good at it – I’ve not studied English Literature since school. I do, however, love reading and enjoy discussing books and find that there is almost nothing more frustrating than being asked a question about something I’ve read a long time ago and not being able to say anything about it.

Although my main intent in writing this blog is to properly form and articulate my own opinions before moving onto my next book instead of just churning my way through them, if anyone is reading this and wants to disagree or discuss anything I end up writing I’d really welcome that. I do love a bit of literary discussion and am always interested to hear dissenting opinions and listen to interpretations that had never occurred to me before. You may even change my mind about something.

At the moment I’m currently working my way through the unread books on my own bookshelf and aim to update this blog after I finish each book but I am not setting myself a strict timetable for reading. Some books may take no time to read, others may take ages, sometimes I may find myself far too busy with uni work to read at all, so updates will likely be at random intervals. Occasionally I might also throw in a review of a TV/Film adaptation or audiobook  if the mood takes me. If anyone has any suggestions for books they think I should read/review please feel free to comment. I will consider all suggestions but I probably won’t be moving onto any of them until after I’ve finished with my own list and I do already have another mounting list of recomendations from friends as well.

What this blog isn’t is a competitive ‘genre’. ‘keep up to date with new releases’ sort of blog.  I have neither the time, money, nor inclination to go out and read every book in a genre that I like the moment it’s released, I read what I read because it catches my eye and because I want to.


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