Product Spotlight: Novel Posters

New feature! Sorta.

For highlighting all those wonderful book related products I spot that aren’t books: posters, bags, jewelery, games, shelves… anything with a literary theme to it that I desperately desperately want to own but normally can’t afford/don’t have space for. Hopefully in time I’ll even feature  things I can afford, have bought, and just desperately need to show off.

First up though – price be damned, I would buy them if I had any wall space at all left! Novel Posters

The Just So Stories, Rudyard Kiplingby SpinelessClassics

The Just So Stories, Rudyard Kipling
by Spineless Classics

Ok, so it looks pretty cool, a poster with images made up of text. Look a little closer though and you can tell it’s the whole book up there. A single book, from start to finish, all on one page, and turned into a beautiful work of art (personally I have to admit to not particularly liking the title font, but the book-to-image design is gorgeous). Better still the text, if you peer closely enough or have good enough eyesight, is completely legible! And it’s not just short books like this you can get – though the shorter the book, the more white space to play with. They have A Tale of Two Cities, Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Pride and Prejudice, even gargantuan books like War and Peace.

And they’re not the only ones doing this sort of thing. Check out these, three different versions of Peter Pan from three different companies:

Peter Pab, J.M Barrieby SpinelessClassics        Peter Pan, Books on Posters
Peter Pan by Spineless Classics                      Peter Pan, by Litographs
Peter Pan, Novel Posters

Peter Pan by The Literary Gift Company

Personally I’m a fan of the Spineless Classics – though I do wish they would do more of their posters without titles and stick to only using  text from the book. The main thing that attracts me to them though is that they seem to have the most readable layout – it looks to be almost page by page and you can even see the paragraphs and different line lengths. For pure looks Litographs probably have to win out – the intricacy in some of their designs is astounding, but at the expense of readability with them reading left-to-right like one enormous run on paragraph, with the white space sometimes cutting in through the middle of words and some of the smaller details using just one letter at a time (go to their website and zoom in, you’ll understand what I mean). Then there’s the colour contrast if you opt for a colourful one… their primary purpose is obviously as a (very clever) worksof art. You can read them as well, but you might struggle a bit, especially as some of the longer novels are cut off at around a third or a half of the way through the book (check the description before you bu). That said I totally want a big swanky office one day with wall space for their Odyssey, Iliad and Aeneid posters. The Literary Gift Company doesn’t have half as good a range as the others but they probably have the best Pride and Prejudice poster of the lot – combining easier to read columns of text with a nice white-space design unmarred by plastering the title of the book on top.

And if, like me, you have no wall space, fear not! Litographs is apparently bring out t-shirt designs too at the end of January.


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  1. LOVE the Kipling and Peter Pan Spineless Classics! Really beautiful. I’ve been reading Peter Pan recently, and the way the whole story has been worked into an image here adds another dimension to the timelessness of the text. 🙂 Thanks for spotting and sharing these.

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