New Year, New Ratings System!

Happy New Year, everyone! And may your 2013 be better than my 2012 was!

It’s been almost a year now since I first started this blog as part of my new years resolution to read all the books on my shelves before I bought anymore. Looking at my ‘to-read’ list and counting up my book purchases this year (61) we can see how well that one managed! Broken new years goals aside though, it’s been fun. I haven’t kept up as well as I would like (I have a bit of a backlog of 2012 reads at the moment so expect fairly frequent posting until I get through them)  and had to drop some of my non-review features completely due to some pretty crappy stuff going on, but I plan to reinstate them for 2013.

Cover Issues – where I bitch/gush over book covers – will be back soon with a look at how many totally unnecessary covers of The Hobbit there were in the bookshop I worked in over christmas. And Top 5 will be back even sooner with a look at my top 5 (and worst 5) reads of 2012. The main change for this year though is that I’m overhauling my ratings system.

I’ve been planning and hinting at doing this for quite a while, but new years seemed the best and most logical time to actually make the change. When I started this blog I went with the standard Amazon-style 1-5 rating system, where 3 = ok, but as I actually started reviewing, and especially after I joined goodreads I found this system increasingly unsatisfactory. I rarely pick up books I actively dislike, so almost all my reads were falling into the 4 star (I liked it) zone by default, even though there could be huge gulfs between them in both the quality and my enjoyment. Meanwhile books that I really enjoyed but didn’t necessarily ‘love’ got inflated into 5 stars to compensate. So give a more accurate representation of how much I actually enjoyed a book I’m now shifting over to the goodreads rating system:

= I loved it
= I really liked it
= I liked it
= It was ok
= I didn’t like it
(With half-stars falling somewhere between these categories)

I won’t be going back to change all my previously rated books (at least I have no immediate plans to), but anything I review from now on will be rated in this way and I’ve shoved a copy of the key into the sidebar as well to try to avoid confusion.

And I think that’s about all I have to say about changes to the blog so I’ll just say thanks to everyone that follows the blog and wish you all a happy new year again while I get back to reviewing my backlog of finished books!


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