So I got a Goodreads account…

Pretty much what it says up there ^ For anyone who’s interested this is me and I will probably be adding a Goodreads widget to the blog soon

Now this is new territory for me – I’d never even heard of Goodreads until a couple of months ago when some YA authors caused such a drama attacking negative reviews and bullying the reviewers that it got reported in the Guardian.  This along with more shitty behaviour (scroll down to Scandalous Scandals) put me off a bit. But actually I do like the idea of a reading-centric social networking site – I don’t use Facebook very often because I don’t give much of a shit about what people I barely knew in school get up to when they’re drunk, but if everyone’s status updates were about books I’d be in there debating and sharing opinions like no man’s business. I also like the idea of one website where you can catalogue what books you’re reading, have read, want to read etc.etc. so neatly. So after comforting myself with the idea that the sort of author (and in some cases reviewer) wank above was limited to the YA genre which isn’t really my thing anyway, I decided to sign up.

I’m just exploring the site now but already I can see that I’m going to be treating my ratings and reviews very differently over there than I do here.

This blog was started as a place for me to rant out my feelings about books I’d just finished and to raise issues or questions it raised for me. My reviews here are basically  unpolished initial thoughts and starting points for discussion with anyone who wants to comment – whether they agree with me or not. They are written primarily for me to record my own feelings rather than try to recommend (or not) the book to others. And while that’s cool for a private blog if I’m going to write reviews on somewhere like Goodreads or Amazon I’m going to be writing them differently – cutting down the wordcount for one thing and reducing my tendency to ramble. So if anyone does friend me on goodreads expect my reviews – and I won’t be reviewing everything – to be shorter, more to the point, and to arrive later than my posts here when I’ve had the opportunity to get over initial reactions and assess more critically.

Second thing anyone who follows me on both will notice is that the same book might have a different rating here than it does on Goodreads. That’s due to differences with how me and Goodreads view a 5 star system. I’ve always approached 5 stars the way Amazon does (1=I hate it, 2=I don’t like it, 3=It’s ok, 4=I like it, 5=I love it) it’s a way that has it’s flaws – hence my occasional use of a half star – but that’s essentially the ratings system used here. Goodreads on the other hand is weighted towards the more positive end of the scale (1=Didn’t like it, 2=It was ok, 3=Liked it, 4=Really liked it, 5=Loved it). On one hand this is great because I can now differentiate without half stars (which Goodreads doesn’t allow) between a book that I just liked, ont that I really liked but had flaws, and a book that I absolutely adored the crap out of – which means the 5 star is more rarely used and much more meaningful. On the other hand this means that there is no longer the ‘I hate it’ classification, which is a real bummer because I don’t think every book I dislike deserves  a one star, there are degrees of dislike just as there are degrees of like and I want to be able to differentiate between a book I thought was terrible and one I merely didn’t like. Ideally both systems could be combined into a six star rating to incorporate two negative options, the three positive ones, and an ‘ok’ but well…who the fuck wants to use a 6 star system when 5 is the norm? I’ll just have to look schizophrenic and let my blog and Goodreads ratings  disagree occasionally.

Ok, that’s pretty much all I wanted to say. I’ve not got too far into Goodreads yet, just ratings and no reviews so far but you might start seeing the odd one or two appear soon and in slightly different form than they are over here.


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